Network Warning – What cybercriminal has done so far (last update) 02:58PST

* A Warm * Congrat - Verify source about attack today for

OFFICIAL – NAME OF THE ATTACK IS DIFRA- or commonly Disturb Worldwide Infrastructure over a Aerial Attack remotely. 

—We strongly advise to report all shopping with credit card, or lots of money related shopping.— Bank included, and related – Phone Related – Excl. Debit card shopping in store. Worldwide. 

Global ASIA Outage : It is told that ISRAEL has and have intermittent access to lots of feature telecom has – Internet, voice and cellphone – Difficulty of emergency is suffering of lack of information so far. It is as I already state a lack of Network Infrastructure (below -90grade (19’00) that’s suggested to at least upgrade a bit. 3 major social website was also targetted with lots of difficulty outage occur rapidly they were stop and remove. Almost instantly.

*Our safe shopping cart TEST was fraud. Solely it is a little test, google is and remain free.

The network surge – Put 275,000 (rounds up) computer without protection at risk, and still zombie. If you not having money now or later we strongly advise either a small firewall or antivirus for helping you manage little security zone. If you have a good heart help your friends and neighbors without imposing view or critically upgrade computer – to avoid, totally.

The attack is not finish and it is difficult to know why a Internet proxy war happening majorly in America including Canada, more the time it gonna stand or people stop supporting frauding it – the less they are taught to be found. It is estimated to be a pro-hacking as a extremist – far right group activism in probably as such places big like USA.

The fraud is gonna be expertise more scientifically calculated – but could be more than 220B/$US (estimated) Damage incl. Equifax. Bring powerline down, due to excess computer damage.

Heavy news, most part I have to advice everybody to try to figure out if any intrusion has been made on your side some client inside report in couples website node of our broadcaster some has been leaked, stolen, if anyhow, somebody report virus, weak link, bad checksum files or your webhost reaching limit we consider to help yourself you have 3 strategy void certification ask on phone (landline recommended or normal SIM phone) with certification guru helpline from your provider, or your broadcaster even your webhost to help you, planning new key almost free for first use of support. It is really advice to not worry and verify pre-billing of clients midsize as corporate 1000 Downloads selling brand and fortune 500 could be at risk. The reason I have no technic to say who and what it would void your normal insurance plan and leave me to help too much people, sorry, at least Good Sunday.

(Source : GodaddyVIP, DigiCert and University) TITAN Supercomputer.) IBM – IT dept in slashdot. – Neutrally Akamai – was the target (as a code was call ninja to bring down network Infrastructure. Causing damage over Verizon in Israel (still down at 02:28 PST) by doing POISON ARP over Network, RIP (special network calculate a good data for put latency in good shape, for helping fix and manage the issue. Most of the time – insurance will not pay for home damage – except enterprise SSL if found proof of your unwilling attack including your clients get compromise. Zendesk early HTTPS force code was a good tip. As well as the other one screenshot below.

(UPDATE) Affected : 85M Computers from all OS Computers 1/600 Hosts – 3 Platform of payment autonomous. This include lots of transformation in worldwide electricity and Verizon. IN the pic time highest crisis over IP infrastructure 675M Device was suffering including major Satellite in Canada. Crisis begin to unfold as network is more protected.

Some widely support tool offered – we favorite that one for years.

If you have really important network it is suggested to put your IPV4 tunnel to a wide IPV6 tunnel. *Ex : – is to be avoided as they vulnerable.

Demo is available here for Apache 2.2

This is not a spam or misreport we keep private much of information for insurance high risk and not generating fear.

Microsot (MAP) Awareness program. (HomeCodename) or flip your server to communicate with microsoft for help.

Hey, still with us cool – we need your help to bring back stability on network – it is really simple on Windows you can download that tool from VISTA to Win10 – Clean (without virus or with) we don’t judge – Of course you can verify it is from Microsoft Corporation – Thank you in advance. 🙂 For server consult manual please at

Last update was 02:58PST more to come in other news agency.

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