City by night

I was the early day after the difficulty to find better. I was making my laundry into the little place, nobody was there. I feeling I have to change my feeling about it. What a mess it was doing everyday the same. Tonight is quite different. I was to do all over it waiting for laundry to be done.

I guess it would be kindly doing the most of my time, travelling, that amazing city. I finish that, I cannot overturn time, after all it was a cool thing to get into that little feeling. I talk several time about what the extent it would be to myself. A little time that I would believe, that forever change my life, I was not bored for once. I am thankful that thing finally over, for the reason that I am so much difficulty over that little place. I was not able to live a place that make me ill, make me unemployed, make me depending over people, make my family fight, make myself sitting like amaze by the manipulation of the reality.

I really hope this sacred night will be possible to change lot of thing. I did test the theory, the first night was not exactly one. I was for a good time contemplating the night, I was doing all the walking, it was a path that I was enjoying.

The first night, I decide to walk all over, nothing was really needing more and after all I deeply know nothing bad was in my back, it was cold, I was still observing a good thing that change and bother more myself, I was having the faith.