The sun go down

I like when it is possible to say that no matter what it’s being a terrific day. I guess it is nothing more than the best way to accumulate lots of energy from the past thing. When the sun go down, I begin to drive into motion, the time lapse really good. I look everything better, another way to look how it is I was not rebuke. Free at last, freedom is on us! Will something happen soon, I look lots of people having to wait to go elsewhere. This time wondering about the timeless arrogance of the city at night waiting with engine to protect irony was gone. That city was mend to be totally stuck in a way, when we believe, it was light of doom into the area. I guess I did have some fun, with lots of thing before, the city feel dead inside, just abandon forever. I look at ghost and creature from the darkness. Never it was such difficult to believe that nothing would happen. I think quite frankly, it was just one crush for lifetime, she’s gone, I was looking the bridge to the last condemnation about somebody out that did give up once. We never win, maybe it’s fake, maybe it’s such a big fakery, mockery, solemnly, bribery. Was saying the sign long before human use to live there. I look up and the unity of the building talk to me and say: Don’t leave enemy us on the other side. I did say too old unity. I balance everything try to make the way though. A really, really old and big difficulty to live with what happen with that scare city, old without any living thing around. I guess it was same deal when it was the big factory of the world. Montreal was the foundation of the Canada to make all machine of war in the foundry. It was a real industrial megapolis nothing was possible in the Bering zone. I did travel to lots of space, after a while I just guess I would finish my journey here in the big concrete and gigantic full of toxicity. I deeply never see the other side that some call Hell on earth. This time I get that it would be no more, if it’s all that place have done. I don’t worry if it all it does. I think they try to be, save the world. They were a bit lying for save the world it would have need something more important. I deeply have to elaborate on that only one time. I decide to quit that path. Say goodbye computer, if anything change, tell me up.