How it start up, what is the basic idea.

Hello everyone that follow me or begin to follow subject into WordPress. I am happy to talk about how it get started. I am a guy that get back writting to a blog. Before anything, I was having a guitar and try to experiment a little bit, I was aware it wouldn’t solve any of my problem, but in the beginning it was a huge difficult instrument. In the beginning of 2014, I choose to talk about various subject including music such as life, striving, difficulty and it get me into in a atmosphere that I was letting go my thought. This didn’t solve lots of crisis in my life but I was expecting less difficulty over time. I was really like the different thing I was doing, first learning an instrument alone was not easy as I would believe. Since 4 years. I enjoy to be talking about lots of genre of thing that get me in the risk of losing all. It did happen, I am not ashamed by it. The place I did stay for a long period of time. Since a good moment it didn’t liberate me enough. I was feeling sad because lots of people was not really there at the moment, I did it all but it wasn’t enough. After a whole lots of people did make appreciation, that it doesn’t have a approach I was taking. Sometime you have to be talking about what you do. How often this is done, it’s pretty difficult to know. I lose everything but not life. In consequential was really making me sick that kind of myself being lock and do nothing in a place that I did leave fortunately.

What to expect in 2019 for you?

It’s year of rebuilding after 4 year I guess I was too much talking more thing and it overflow.

What happen in 2018?

I was really trying to get better my health but it was not as perfect, in the highest peak, I give up, I quit the nightmare, I get off my apartment and decide it wouldn’t be any different. I do my laundry and get onto the street, I wouldn’t think somebody would mind, after a while, it did reach some few people I get help a lots. My perception if you say that in society you are a tool you can probably get back into a good scheme.

Digital surveillance : Did you have something there?

My place was having it, I didn’t feel more secure they even told it was kind of problematic neighborhood. I was having basic friendship, people was frankly gentle. Everything could invade privacy, I was maybe a target as ambulance, taxi and other related group did exactly surveys everything about that neighborhood place, me I didn’t see thing in this place was having maybe a problematic after. I did not see after 2 year in the night. Thing change more, I didn’t see thing going as dangerous, I was not paranoid.

Thank you to stay with us for so long, I am John. Looking forward to better project.