Merry Summer Quantum!

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We just side order a pizza and take it for a part of pie.
Now our challenge is to fully get the picture of our own party.

We have parity of 12 in a concensus for Monday about a big delivery of box of maximum peering of 2000 thousand power efficient seeds per tree. We want to get the maximum nodation catalog to be sure to accustom the price of the target. For example one pay more a dubious treasury for his first grade, maybe 4 times time, of clouds, for users.

What we know about the parity of 12?

They are not cost efficient
They handle rare data
They have need maximum availability
It cannot be seeking no advice since they discover hole

What is the best way to handle lots of impacted customer about his Data collection about rare data and his bitrate into modern OS if none is in his own way possible to be interpret without boolean concern?

Best answer could be adressed to the Internet catalog, Good Day / Evening or night on that Quest!

Have phun!