Name and Target – THE Internet : How Does it work?

Internet lately have been so much compromised by kit, intrusion, domestic as foreign. How the Internet have as specific human interaction have solved into lots of human crisis, have denote the Internet is a piece of a gigantic puzzle into the world, make digitally to be readable by browser that surf the entity, Internet as it may go, would maybe never existed in the first place it is wasn’t a big collection of tons of software code, pilgrimage of tools of obsolete rank, that does or not work together. Remembering the monkey that hide in a big map to win a scary contest or make you not winning an ‘Iphone’ at all because it isn’t true and have broil all your friends of FaceBook on Farmville. Changing honestly the reality of digit to become a master of good tunes fresh on the limbo between – secret – occupancy to digital dorm room, open to become neutralized, the Internet has a collection of right and could be exacly good use.
The Internet have his contemplative replacement, it’s call the modern life his deceit have become as a good place to become tormented with lots of myriads of missing call – missing hours – searching about something that would become an ‘experiment’ less frontside.

Who was the Internet before the link cut off?
It was YOU and ME. We were pixels and electronic route,

A specific chemical relation of tubes that moving to the route on the same path, the same circus,

The same electron we born into fragmented, until the puzzle make a form.

How does the INTERNET work? | ICT #2