Advance: DNS resolving – Present (A DNS Beacon DEMO)

Be cautious, even if it’s simple to set up your head server with the Kali Linux (shown experiment) in fact most people that would use it, is ISP – you can also ask your provider, if they support it, freely or not. We are not reponsable of miuse over system that is not able to make adressing of DNS Root Support, always ask before that an ISP or a DNS provider is able to fill that kind of adresssing and help you resolve most of routine website that you have need privacy or latency (as games).

Failure to have a backbones or server that is misconfigurated could create damage and Kernel Panic most people won’t allow you to reverse IP and don’t forget that even if it’s DNS it will cost money, even, for your ISP that say ‘unlimited’ deal it is still monitored by your ISP.

Some country have limitation over the use of the demo shown. Such as Europe.

I read the warning let me see the demo

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How to use new technology to protect your DNS with https+TLS supported privacy

It’s been in the news lately, privacy was into the discussion of lots of users. We are happy to say the waiting is over. On android it’s in beta test to use security on different provided services.

It start from an application on Android that is on beta test to make your request serve by a provider.

What it does better?

This is the way it work, in a internet conversation, you need to go to a website it give the request to your provider to ask into a map of the Internet where the website location is. An ipv4 address is make like digit translation of what for example Heardvoice domain is having as a physical location. Like a house for example the service will say it’s two corner from the current store on the main street. In order to be able to do that it has to interrogate others to know where the new store is located and give the direction where you can find the house near the store. Once completed it give the route to follow, in that immense network, looking for what you search is easy and it get normally well, for a good period of time.

What is better today?

Now there no privacy in doing search like you would be with your cars searching for the location. In order to get the network compliant it has to be public ip, people learn from it and say it was weak. Now there things coming to place. When you are able to make the traffic get into encrypted form of dns over tls (https) it give the approval that your traffic on the Internet will remain on road that is not dangerous. In order to do so it get the map of where the road is crypted and using good protocol, it will ease up the way to looking if you get in a secure website.

It is amazing to see finally new tool that make the Internet safer and affordable

On android there a developement apps and many other platform will definately coming. Provider will probably ask for a better way also to protect their client. All I know in early stage it’s promising.

Here an article that provide additional information about what will be in the development of that kind of security related to dns-over-tls.


How it start up, what is the basic idea.

Hello everyone that follow me or begin to follow subject into WordPress. I am happy to talk about how it get started. I am a guy that get back writting to a blog. Before anything, I was having a guitar and try to experiment a little bit, I was aware it wouldn’t solve any of my problem, but in the beginning it was a huge difficult instrument. In the beginning of 2014, I choose to talk about various subject including music such as life, striving, difficulty and it get me into in a atmosphere that I was letting go my thought. This didn’t solve lots of crisis in my life but I was expecting less difficulty over time. I was really like the different thing I was doing, first learning an instrument alone was not easy as I would believe. Since 4 years. I enjoy to be talking about lots of genre of thing that get me in the risk of losing all. It did happen, I am not ashamed by it. The place I did stay for a long period of time. Since a good moment it didn’t liberate me enough. I was feeling sad because lots of people was not really there at the moment, I did it all but it wasn’t enough. After a whole lots of people did make appreciation, that it doesn’t have a approach I was taking. Sometime you have to be talking about what you do. How often this is done, it’s pretty difficult to know. I lose everything but not life. In consequential was really making me sick that kind of myself being lock and do nothing in a place that I did leave fortunately.

What to expect in 2019 for you?

It’s year of rebuilding after 4 year I guess I was too much talking more thing and it overflow.

What happen in 2018?

I was really trying to get better my health but it was not as perfect, in the highest peak, I give up, I quit the nightmare, I get off my apartment and decide it wouldn’t be any different. I do my laundry and get onto the street, I wouldn’t think somebody would mind, after a while, it did reach some few people I get help a lots. My perception if you say that in society you are a tool you can probably get back into a good scheme.

Digital surveillance : Did you have something there?

My place was having it, I didn’t feel more secure they even told it was kind of problematic neighborhood. I was having basic friendship, people was frankly gentle. Everything could invade privacy, I was maybe a target as ambulance, taxi and other related group did exactly surveys everything about that neighborhood place, me I didn’t see thing in this place was having maybe a problematic after. I did not see after 2 year in the night. Thing change more, I didn’t see thing going as dangerous, I was not paranoid.

Thank you to stay with us for so long, I am John. Looking forward to better project.

Software sophistication : Installation of software (Explanation)

ZOOM feature, is recommended.

This is a example how software sophistication could help people developping software, not having to patch or block or remove unwanted software.

This is how it work.

SIMPLE install.


Software executable opening
REMOVAL of ability of run without a warning box
Antivirus SCAN (recommended)
Auto-Extractable BIN
LICENSE (aggrement)

PROVEN SerialNUMBER of license.

CONCEPT (of the SOPHISTICATION) perspective:

Software without any security involve.
TIME Syncing and values
Correct setting to apply to that kind of base
Security check if the setup could succeed
Time Failure (STOP)
Illegitimate, badly distributed copy.


CONCEPT (Schema):
Succeding installation
Software without any security involve.
TIME Syncing and values SET*
Correct setting to apply to that kind of structure, reapply for re installation
Succeeding step TIME. (without syncing) * Verification it succeed in time (without sync)
Security check if the setup did do correctly the procedure
TIME is setup correctly for the kind of structure of Operating system
This is pass the test of quality for that computer/machine
The license is made that time verify if the time have the correct setup of the creation of the key
Succeed it didn’t get use more than the license is involving.
Proving the identity of the time structure*
TIME authenticated KEYS is lock for that software for the time it say on license.
USER : Installation succeed, you can now open your new software.
Optional : Please write your recovery code for re installation – settings recovery.