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Advance: DNS resolving – Present (A DNS Beacon DEMO)

Be cautious, even if it’s simple to set up your head server with the Kali Linux (shown experiment) in fact most people that would use it, is ISP – you can also ask your provider, if they support it, freely or not. We are not reponsable of miuse over system that is not able to make adressing of DNS Root Support, always ask before that an ISP or a DNS provider is able to fill that kind of adresssing and help you resolve most of routine website that you have need privacy or latency (as games).

Failure to have a backbones or server that is misconfigurated could create damage and Kernel Panic most people won’t allow you to reverse IP and don’t forget that even if it’s DNS it will cost money, even, for your ISP that say ‘unlimited’ deal it is still monitored by your ISP.

Some country have limitation over the use of the demo shown. Such as Europe.

I read the warning let me see the demo

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What make you think, you wanna be poor? The system economics or the wisdom you can trust. (Empower yourself).

Found on Youtube, a real revelation about how school pretend to be the only way to be the thinkers as most people hate it, here the side of the story that nobody told. You have to be having the moment to know what to handle long before they teach you. Become your best servant, do what you like, become your own system, that way the expense will be drifting to a moment of learning. Listen that video below to know what is the difference between you and the system.

THEY WANT YOU TO BE POOR - An Eye Opening Interview

[Français] Guide : votre nouvel ordinateur

Vous avez un nouvel ordinateur et vous avez fait l’installation de celui-ci. Dans ce court guide je vais vous expliquer comment le maintenir à son meilleur. Beaucoup de gens achète un ordinateur sans avoir de conseil extérieur.
Pour ce qui est d’un ordinateur récent il est important de maintenir à jour ses différents logiciels ainsi que le système d’exploitation.

Pour se faire on dois vérifier ses mise à jour.

Cette article vous aideras avec les marche à suivre.

Ensuite les logiciel dans les ordinateur neuf il y en a beaucoup qui sont pre-installé, si on ouvre le menu démarrer on peut y voir les différentes applications qui font parti du système d’exploitation.

Je suggère donc un outil qui est offert sur

Réglages système & Utilitaires – Logiciels pour Windows

Finalement apprécier tout le bon travail de maintenir le système à jour il est recommandé d’avoir un antivirus.
Pour plus d’information consulter cette page pour des informations sur celui que vous choisissez.

En espérant de bons moment avec votre ordinateur.

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Software sophistication : Installation of software (Explanation)

ZOOM feature, is recommended.

This is a example how software sophistication could help people developping software, not having to patch or block or remove unwanted software.

This is how it work.

SIMPLE install.


Software executable opening
REMOVAL of ability of run without a warning box
Antivirus SCAN (recommended)
Auto-Extractable BIN
LICENSE (aggrement)

PROVEN SerialNUMBER of license.

CONCEPT (of the SOPHISTICATION) perspective:

Software without any security involve.
TIME Syncing and values
Correct setting to apply to that kind of base
Security check if the setup could succeed
Time Failure (STOP)
Illegitimate, badly distributed copy.


CONCEPT (Schema):
Succeding installation
Software without any security involve.
TIME Syncing and values SET*
Correct setting to apply to that kind of structure, reapply for re installation
Succeeding step TIME. (without syncing) * Verification it succeed in time (without sync)
Security check if the setup did do correctly the procedure
TIME is setup correctly for the kind of structure of Operating system
This is pass the test of quality for that computer/machine
The license is made that time verify if the time have the correct setup of the creation of the key
Succeed it didn’t get use more than the license is involving.
Proving the identity of the time structure*
TIME authenticated KEYS is lock for that software for the time it say on license.
USER : Installation succeed, you can now open your new software.
Optional : Please write your recovery code for re installation – settings recovery.