Unwanted STACK Vulnerability (Most WindowsOS)

Do you know? Stack exchange is a known loophole between your DHCP (Locally own private network and the bypass of Internet Exchange) It is known since 1971 and renewed once again [Almost each year] with https://*SSL and cookies protocol (in short) advice yourself to at least protect you with one spiral tape of filter, Most ADSL will offer it soon or contact some that are Key’ed, the exchange.

You can try to filter yourself for knowing if you leak any strange network overload (flow up and down).

You can spoof lots of thing in the exchange for safety we will just give the tool for earn your log about it, Linux will offer more about it, the same way. Don’t worry most of your 1998 did forget the Gory games you are wanting to not recommend or want to play anymore!

Download Dual DHCP DNS Server for free. Self Integrated DNS DHCP Server Open Source Freeware Windows/Linux. Works as DHCP or DNS Server or both.

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FEELING BAD > It happen to everybody – So are they – Never hesitate. Never too late. < NEVER BE ALONE.

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REMEMBER = FEELING BAD > It happen to everybody – So are they – Never hesitate. Never too late. < NEVER BE ALONE.

WORLWIDE HELP LINE NUMBERS – For more information and how to help. You can consult the page for organization Your Life Counts. Print IT make Sure to KEEP your local numbers all the time.

The coral experiment (softcode)

We are always wondering, why some reuse our password incorrectly, of course that kind of attack is not working on our kind of hosting. We did pay a great amount to not get stole our dynamic webpage. The first thing we see is reuse of lots of DDos, to figure out the main password of website. For the attack to really compromise it need more than hashing but hashing probably destroy lots of ability that website still use to paginate it. In laboratory of science in development of Super Computer, all we see is a remaining of praking (Post-Hack). This method has been compromise lots of advertiser, as keen, IBM that always stated that it will maybe this year find a solution, to not get problematic with their clients. Praking can destroy lots of website in couple minutes, so advise you to keep copy at least or be assure that you will try to get access to your good copy. We know that it can be really difficult to fight that without a real Hashing that is post to that problem, of decipher converted, character maps of ASCII. The only character maps not hacked, but pretty difficult is Hindi, for the others, in waiting, that it change the course of history, to your *more* important website.

Help and reference is offered on that subject for wordpress and many other.