(Updated) Confirmed by consortium Level3/Videotron + Bell : The Industry Canada Telecom (could be warned about Provider interference) Leak that would exist since 1997.

News – Sorry Internet went bad (HTTP ERROR CODE 606)

The article of newspaper (Le Journal de Montréal) should begin to think about apologize to say that Google was able to retain information, it could have been deny by Sweden explanation. Google in fact do not operate that scandal.

Hold on : What is exactly the technical there? You can look on that website

The way to protect yourself is provided by VPN, we surely believe that some may have some serious stuff to do instead (to not be stolen) their Hard Work…


Data of interest did surface as big telecom is suspected to have done the biggest wiretap ever onto a fake ( Domain name, that is a Canadian Proxy that is not yet in the book of the Tech Giant Google. Nobody that work for google, have ever think about doing an address that type on the Internet. It is believed to be leaking by LEVEL(3) (Telecom Business) and High level for Rogers, Telus (which is generally not Canadian) and Virgin/Koodo was not targetted. The leak is estimated to have log (Now) privately and spy over accustomed client for BCE/Nexxia/Bell Canada + *Videotron but with limited potential of information since they use no special backbones to spy over client.

Expect your root mailbox attach to (3M+ providers) that not gonna underestimate the failure of their own services.

(EDIT) : Private tiers, gonna have to ban several backbones, depending of the administration and how it’s handle it gonna take few weeks.