The woman with a brown hat

I was waiting for the bus at the subway, when for no reason I was wondering, why I don’t run for past some time, I lose some precious energy wondering, what my past life was, near the bus station from my old school, that I’ve been without really finish my degree, I was so running at that time too. So after a good 10 minutes I see the bus coming, end my road from Papineau street. I enter the bus I was going on the back, and in some time the shuffle kick off Creep, so I dream about the girl running in the song. I come back on earth, a woman talk on the phone and is in my direction, until she forget she had a hat and continue talking on the phone. I going to rescue this beautiful hat and say madame your hat! 🙂 We go out from the bus at the same time, in different direction. That my day even if my friends sleep all the time and some other don’t show of, was a magestuous time.

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