I was doing checking in a red secondhand vintage store, check for some, maybe a cute good old fashion wood coffee table, heard a little pieces of classical not use to it so don’t recall the name, It was violin and piano, playful it get me in the mood, after a while, I get outside. There is a good coffee shops somewhere but I don’t know where, I ask to a young lady I think she almost 24, look like 27. Big black hair, I ask do you know a good coffee shop around there, not really anticipated nothing about it. She say, yes, uh do you mind if I go with you, I say fine, no problem. Then we exchange some of the thing to the hard question, she ask me: What you do in life ? And I answer : Well I enjoy my life little bit. She answer : Huh doesn’t answer the question. I answer : Well done lot of work previously but now I’m stuck little bit, not searching nothing really. She get so bored, so I say: well I play music on the Internet doesn’t pay much, I was aware too that doesn’t mean you are betting in life, such of thing, mainly is … And she said : What wait a minute you are not saying you have no job and you doing just music, wow, that’s impressive. I say why? Well because I have a bass and eee I play it very well. I say : That’s cool, would you mind if we could jam together, She say no not at all, where is your apartment……..


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