I just hope, I could turn the time

It’s been a while since I didn’t find it amazing the time, I was at home wondering. I’m sitting at the same place but something become less clear each days. It was really the same time I was trying to compose some music, but today it is more close to be the ending. I gonna have to move this year being a little more difficult as it go with lots of suffering. I just hope I can turn back time. The good old days exist still in my mind, but the picture fade away. It become more and more a misadventure, to know if I gonna find something, that worth keeping. I will left lots of thing behind but of course, it is for the better. I happen to be here only for work but I didn’t work really here a long time, I really like my summer.

The winter gets a bit twisted, I just hope my feet gonna heal. That’s all that matter.

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