Website Policy

Website Policy

i. This website is hosted in trusted data-zone in Canada it is operate without funding by it conception, it is purely a volunteers and dedicated work. Since 2013, we discover some of good video of the community on Internet – we deeply are enthusiasm to be sharing with the public some of great and amazing time to make music and share about the technology and improvement. The collaboration is sometime coincidentally and provided as tendency of the moment. The majority is use as entertain and educational only purposes. All improvement can be sent to (email) from time to time, if any concerns how it is used.

ii. Other provider, are used, you recognize using their services, is provided by the third party and the use of their service have a term of use on their website. We cannot be held accountable of availability of the website or the promoted artist or the theme.

iii. The Providers have the right to collect data and us don’t want to track you.  We don’t resell data of our client hood. We are happy to have your visit on the current website.

iiii. Please note that nobody will contact you for sell you product from this website.

iiiii. To get a better protection use an ad block or manually clean your browser².

License updated regularly.

Please note²:

The license has been revised the 31-08-2023 in commitment for Heardvoice DOMAIN that is held for his term of at least 2 year.
This website is the property of the people involve, only. We are in activity since 2013.
Edited and conceive in Montreal (Canada)
Hosted proudly and powered in a cloud hosting (Globo.TECH) just consult the website for more information.

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