Heureux comme un seul

Je suis ici pour t’accueillir
Ce somptueux sanctuaire
Je ne suis sur aucune carte
N’essaye pas de me retrouver je suis dans l’inexistence
Je suis heureux comme un seul

Ça fais des mois que j’essaye de communiquer
On me l’a dit c’est presque impossible
Les mots change mais les chansons perdure
Dans l’infini avec des différences

Je n’ai pas peur de la vie
Je veut m’accrocher à une bouer de sauvetage
Mais mon univers est accrocher au chaos
Je suis heureux comme un seul

La dernière fois c’était un canon d’Orion
La prochaine fois ce seras plus sage
Les mots entreront par mes oreille
Pour ne plus jamais en ressortir

Je me bat contre les aigles qui ressente pas
C’est ce que c’est d’être puissant
Pour leur permettre de le ressentir
La sagesse de mes pas sur terre

Ne soyons pas stupide
Regarde le ciel
Tu me verras décendre à la pénombre
Je serais heureux comme un seul

I just hope, I could turn the time

It’s been a while since I didn’t find it amazing the time, I was at home wondering. I’m sitting at the same place but something become less clear each days. It was really the same time I was trying to compose some music, but today it is more close to be the ending. I gonna have to move this year being a little more difficult as it go with lots of suffering. I just hope I can turn back time. The good old days exist still in my mind, but the picture fade away. It become more and more a misadventure, to know if I gonna find something, that worth keeping. I will left lots of thing behind but of course, it is for the better. I happen to be here only for work but I didn’t work really here a long time, I really like my summer.

The winter gets a bit twisted, I just hope my feet gonna heal. That’s all that matter.

Home & city limit

I like the way the flower bloom, the new season coming up, I gonna have my latest album of Year Zero by Nine Inch Nails. Every people love to be out, it is like the best spring ever. I plug my little earphone. Tonight I gonna be at my best to listen that, I have plenty of time. I go home I listen that little album and I begin to talk to somebody on the chat. She talk that she pretty involve with people at her job and she work on a little place. She really not near I check up the time and I go to do someplace else, as she really tired and go to sleep soon. I really like her but she not there anymore. Passion go to little improvisation about search I already doing all the time. I see control and honesty tonight gonna be a little difficult night, as I have nothing else to do. I listen a little bit the TV and nothing else matter, I close it. I begin to believe my life is little bit doing the same thing over and over, what I found about the album is a bit of difficulty seem to be less easy than doing something more, to get in bit of confusion, it is the last summer I pass in the hospital once again and I am out again. It begin a bit after listening Tom Yorke the solo album, the eraser. I begin to believe sort a fantasy I was on another earth and after that I was receiving message from another galaxy. It is the past now, I believe the summer gonna be good. Fairly I find it good, I run a lot when it is dark. The city is really calm at that time. I found lots of thing that going well, imagination of a new era, I see the city in the brightest light. I wanna take some photo of the panorama. Life is easy in the dark we see almost nobody it seem that everybody left. I continue like that on the big street in Montreal. Discover lots of thing when everybody sleep. It is the best moment I did have in my life and I will never forget it. Dark hour remind me of vacation and I like to be there when it’s the night.

Don’t forget by the way little mini-album of Nine Inch Nails call Not The Actual Events. I just check tonight, I like the album.

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