Year: 2018

Software sophistication : Installation of software (Explanation)

ZOOM feature, is recommended.

This is a example how software sophistication could help people developping software, not having to patch or block or remove unwanted software.

This is how it work.

SIMPLE install.


Software executable opening
REMOVAL of ability of run without a warning box
Antivirus SCAN (recommended)
Auto-Extractable BIN
LICENSE (aggrement)

PROVEN SerialNUMBER of license.

CONCEPT (of the SOPHISTICATION) perspective:

Software without any security involve.
TIME Syncing and values
Correct setting to apply to that kind of base
Security check if the setup could succeed
Time Failure (STOP)
Illegitimate, badly distributed copy.


CONCEPT (Schema):
Succeding installation
Software without any security involve.
TIME Syncing and values SET*
Correct setting to apply to that kind of structure, reapply for re installation
Succeeding step TIME. (without syncing) * Verification it succeed in time (without sync)
Security check if the setup did do correctly the procedure
TIME is setup correctly for the kind of structure of Operating system
This is pass the test of quality for that computer/machine
The license is made that time verify if the time have the correct setup of the creation of the key
Succeed it didn’t get use more than the license is involving.
Proving the identity of the time structure*
TIME authenticated KEYS is lock for that software for the time it say on license.
USER : Installation succeed, you can now open your new software.
Optional : Please write your recovery code for re installation – settings recovery.



Addendum for a project of HardDrive Latency and cycling security.


The technology use by cyber industry so-call (The Internet MEMBER) lead to more and more data latency leak in network over the year of crisis since 2017 – we believe a new technology could surfacing more lately this year or next.

We propose a brand new product that is not software based.

This is how it work

The peer disk having the current dealing to fragmenting, extracting, formatting, appending, moving and reading. For the most part, us we believe a OS need a new generation of disk that gonna lower latency over the critical nerve also call a ROOT_DVD that is widely use by some industry but too expensive after the part of peers to peers exchange.

The Principe the peers check – naturalize the resource on a open system before anything spending on the seed (part of network) call the host (uploaded part of disc private space of the employee/user/backup person.)

HDD/SSD* Peers (Open datagram of readers) —> Data (System OS) —> Backup (Strategy) —> RAID.

SSD : Solid Drive Disk.

For the more part the idea peers a hard drive would give the permission to read if data is contain and enable in the company datagram to be exploited or totally dysfunctional (example safe for everyone or highly onto the plant only – private information too critical : Restricted).

How it’s deal the datagram would read the refereed disk to know if the thing could be exploited only locally internally hosted – externally or not at all, leaving the administration almost no privilege to give to a datagram.

Datagram would say this thing belong to me but it’s not supported in our labs for example;

White sheet will be posted, for copyright reason.

Under patent hold, and explanation, available soon.

Due to high restraint over this patent, we will tell to limited beta tester!