I was today with the same surprise I was listening to the same answer. The therapist don’t say a word … Listening without even talk like he was quiet. I think sometime is a weird place to be to not having a answer about nothing he say to me I invent again my sickness, my friend don’t buy that of course because he know me more maybe. So I am basicly again to the beginning of this place. I wait without a coffee and cigarette to have some answer, I still by the way waiting for the file still don’t have it.

I wrote this morning little bit my dream it was really interesting I was in a place with lots of computer and I was manage them in my apartment configure it and taking care of. I take a break and go to make a coffee after a while I see some people crowded the place it’s was a little bit disturbing I was not really aware of.

This cut to the other scene somebody ask me where is the Library I show him. Finally I get to a sofa and we listen something like the beast and the beauty and we both want to kiss. We kiss.

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