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I like the way the flower bloom, the new season coming up, I gonna have my latest album of Year Zero by Nine Inch Nails. Every people love to be out, it is like the best spring ever. I plug my little earphone. Tonight I gonna be at my best to listen that, I have plenty of time. I go home I listen that little album and I begin to talk to somebody on the chat. She talk that she pretty involve with people at her job and she work on a little place. She really not near I check up the time and I go to do someplace else, as she really tired and go to sleep soon. I really like her but she not there anymore. Passion go to little improvisation about search I already doing all the time. I see control and honesty tonight gonna be a little difficult night, as I have nothing else to do. I listen a little bit the TV and nothing else matter, I close it. I begin to believe my life is little bit doing the same thing over and over, what I found about the album is a bit of difficulty seem to be less easy than doing something more, to get in bit of confusion, it is the last summer I pass in the hospital once again and I am out again. It begin a bit after listening Tom Yorke the solo album, the eraser. I begin to believe sort a fantasy I was on another earth and after that I was receiving message from another galaxy. It is the past now, I believe the summer gonna be good. Fairly I find it good, I run a lot when it is dark. The city is really calm at that time. I found lots of thing that going well, imagination of a new era, I see the city in the brightest light. I wanna take some photo of the panorama. Life is easy in the dark we see almost nobody it seem that everybody left. I continue like that on the big street in Montreal. Discover lots of thing when everybody sleep. It is the best moment I did have in my life and I will never forget it. Dark hour remind me of vacation and I like to be there when it’s the night.

Don’t forget by the way little mini-album of Nine Inch Nails call Not The Actual Events. I just check tonight, I like the album.

I was today with the same surprise I was listening to the same answer. The therapist don’t say a word … Listening without even talk like he was quiet. I think sometime is a weird place to be to not having a answer about nothing he say to me I invent again my sickness, my friend don’t buy that of course because he know me more maybe. So I am basicly again to the beginning of this place. I wait without a coffee and cigarette to have some answer, I still by the way waiting for the file still don’t have it.

I wrote this morning little bit my dream it was really interesting I was in a place with lots of computer and I was manage them in my apartment configure it and taking care of. I take a break and go to make a coffee after a while I see some people crowded the place it’s was a little bit disturbing I was not really aware of.

This cut to the other scene somebody ask me where is the Library I show him. Finally I get to a sofa and we listen something like the beast and the beauty and we both want to kiss. We kiss.

Little pet talk here, you know we are millions miles away, we are broken altogether in different ways. I like you so many way but are we doing the same mistake? Sure. We want a explanation why we didn’t get together soon, it’s impossible to do nothing about it, could ever this go better, change thing and most of all resolve the issue?

The issue is a big one, I hope we could understand that we never get so fast on the flat lane. You like me dark as a good old detuned radio. We born about half way and we try to be as funny as we can, you even send me a poem, I don’t know exactly what does that mean but we are so wasted. Celeste ah common 🙂

Hi there people of the world (just kidding). After two big month I was afraid I cannot blog anymore, here if you don’t already know we talk about good thing, my hobby is liking to compose stuff and you can listen it without a problem. Enjoy your stay, I sing since my father die, almost, when I use computer is was before the sexy cupid thing, about make friend over the radio. I enjoy all my moment and have precious friend. I am not really ‘title’ the inventor of blog, but I was know as the NightL on community back then doing french radio, it was satirical about 16-17 years old news, weather and everything, we play some Courtney Love, some stuff people wasn’t really aware of. That is the legacy of it, now i’m 30 years old, I am on Internet for have fun, make new friend and I have support of people on the twitter planet, as the Internet worldwide. All I wish is I can bring you the best of the best place to hear new music, I work hard even I didn’t read the begginner book about music I bought, I think I get it. Ok thank you being my friends. Keep the word out @desesparimusic on twitter. See you there.

I was waiting for the bus at the subway, when for no reason I was wondering, why I don’t run for past some time, I lose some precious energy wondering, what my past life was, near the bus station from my old school, that I’ve been without really finish my degree, I was so running at that time too. So after a good 10 minutes I see the bus coming, end my road from Papineau street. I enter the bus I was going on the back, and in some time the shuffle kick off Creep, so I dream about the girl running in the song. I come back on earth, a woman talk on the phone and is in my direction, until she forget she had a hat and continue talking on the phone. I going to rescue this beautiful hat and say madame your hat! 🙂 We go out from the bus at the same time, in different direction. That my day even if my friends sleep all the time and some other don’t show of, was a magestuous time.