I am back!

Sorry for the intermission I was a bit silent for a long time. I will try to update more often this blog. Lots of things have changed recently about my life and I am really optimistic for this summer. I am working and have less and less time to update the blog. I am really enjoying the time beings.

Bonjour à tout le monde, je m’excuse pour l’intermission, j’ai été un peu silencieux pour un long moment. Je vais essayer de mettre à jour plus souvent mon blog. Je travaille et j’ai de moins en moins de temps pour le mettre à jour. J’espère que vous appréciez le temps que vous venez ici.

As always,
Comme toujours,


Pattern, cut, path, normalized

In a new way that I did fortunately take I feel the chosen wavelength on the everyday music tumbling over my ears. Felt a bit too much gravity and shining star, brighter each time. Where are the beautiful circling around the little puzzling artefact leaved by the others leaf going each and other way burning the hand of the light and remarks that leave others kind of surprise. It was a soft touches that blind me up.

Sometimes but not always I did open and close my eyes to brightened little assumptions over the tracks full of rest of bottle on the way toward. From another world, completely going forever.

Over a sigh of brush, time to go from a feeling to another ones. Did everything just stop there and always come back somewhere else, marking the little ground.

Love sight, love stay, love underwent.

Sometimes but not always,

It will go, and come back again.

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